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Wovel - The Snow Shovel on a Wheel
Wovel - The Snow Shovel on a Wheel
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Wovel - The Snow Shovel on a Wheel
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About Us
Nootools llc (a Structured Solutions company)

We are the makers of the Snow Wolf™ wheeled snow shovel, the Worlds Safest Shovels. Nootools creates inventive products such as safer snow shovels and snow removal equipment that ease the chores of everyday life. Our aim is to invent ever-better ways for you to complete your work faster and easier. We take a fresh look at low-tech products you rely on day in and day out. Then we apply our substantial experience in technology, engineering, and design to develop and introduce only those products we deem vastly superior to existing solutions. The independent study of the Snow Wolf snow shovel by the Univ. of Massachusetts showing the Snow Wolf virtually eliminates lower back stress and greatly reduces overall exertion (a major factor in heart attack risk) is just one example of the type life-improving and even life saving results we seek for our products. The Snow Wolf brand wheeled snow shovels, greatly reduces the risk and body stress and injuries of the sometimes life-threatening snow clearing job.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Our products and patents range from hardware solutions, such as the Snow Wolf and Leaf Loader®, to kitchen tools, electronics accessories and military/defense technologies. We are committed to continuous improvement of our products, and would love to hear your product feedback.

Made by Americans

f our product are manufactured in the USA. Our commitment to manufacturing at home here in the US allows us to work closely with our suppliers, thus ensuring that our products are delivered flawlessly to our customers..and the World's Safest Snow Shovels.

You Can Be Sure

Our guarantee: You always get the best products at the greatest value. The Snow Wolf is now distributed globally, most recently available, in Canada, Japan, Scandinavia, and Germany.


A Bit of Company History





How did this shovel and wheel come together to make the Snow Wolf®?







“The inspiration for the Snow Wolf was a desire to solve the age-old problem of snow shovels and snow removal in a fast, safe, environmentally clean, quiet, maintenance-free way that still could store on the wall and not ruin my back, ” says the founder and president of Nootools, LLC, which manufactures and distributes the Snow Wolf.







Early prototypes took advantage of simple tools to reduce body stress, in particular lower back. Using electrical conduit piping, sheet metal and, of course, duct tape, he attached a customized “shovel” to an oversized bicycle wheel that enabled him to traverse steps, snow piles and, even in its initial crude form, clear snow with much greater ease than regular shoveling. Much like a child’s seesaw, the shovel and wheel combination acted as a fulcrum and lever, letting him use his entire body strength to scoop and toss the snow.  The large wheel not only maneuvered and rolled over objects better in the snow, but it also provided the ability to throw further and higher than had anticipated.  Drawing upon his experience of developing a variety of other patented products, he began to engineer a refined version and applied for a patent on the concept.








“I think most new inventions don’t make it to market because most inventors don’t understand the complexities of launching a product or creating a company,”. “While an invention may be brilliant, you not only need to make sure it works, but you need to get it to market and make it consumer friendly.” Nootools designs and manufactures novel products that simplify and ease the chores of every day life, ranging from hardware items to electronics accessories and military/defense technologies based on patented custom designs. 







The Snow Wolf won the 'Best Inventions of 2006' from Time Magazine and the Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award for the best new product at the 2005 National Hardware Show.  At the two major 2006 European hardware industry events in Cologne, , it received accolades and orders at the spring International Hardware Show and was awarded one of the Top 10 Products in Show at the fall SPOGA-GAFA fair.






The uniqueness of the product prompted the University of Massachusetts to commission an independent research study on exactly how the Snow Wolf works and why it has such positive effects on the human body. The study, expected to be published in the coming months, confirmed that the Snow Wolf reduces lower back stress to something akin to “simply walking” and dramatically reduces overall physical exertion by as much as 75-80% and more vs snow shovels.  Snow Wolfers, as those who use a Snow Wolf are sometimes called, also report to us that it is two to three times faster than regular snow shoveling…the Snow Wolf is earning the reputation as the World’s Safest Snow Shovels!





“Big heavy snowfalls are called widow-makers in the northeast because people go out and stress their hearts, backs and lungs trying to dead lift heavy snow with snow shovels, often with disastrous results,” , citing a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission statistic of 72,000 annual emergency room visits associated with snow removal injuries. “The Snow Wolf virtually eliminates the strain on those areas of your body typically stressed by snow shovels and saves you time vs shoveling as well. It can beat all single-stage snow blowers and outperforms two-stage snow blowers in up to eight inches of snow, all while being environmentally friendly.”





 This isn’t just a better product, it is an entirely new approach. With gas prices up and baby boomers aging, the Snow Wolf helps the environment and makes usiong snow shovels easier,”. “Our early success, combined with the outstanding performance and safety efficacy, are clear indicators that the global rollout of the Snow Wolf this season will be highly successful.” 





 The Snow Wolf is sturdy, but at just 26 pounds, is easily maneuvered, fully adjustable for user height or any snow conditions and easily disassembled to hang on the wall like other snow shovels.





Available in catalogs and on websites, as well as in independent hardware stores in the , , and , it is expected to be a top holiday gift item in the pre-winter market. An instructional DVD is included with every Snow Wolf to help people get the hang of scooping and tossing instead ofthe bending and twisting and aching from snow shovels.